WordPress.com break, and I hope it’s holding the water this time.

On March 13, 2022, I wrote that I would take a break from the Yelling Rosan Blogi, but I would continue downloading articles into my Multilingual Notebook (Muistikirja).

Then the ”Noc in hic Mundo” article accidentally went to the Yelling Rosan Blogi, even though I meant it in My Notebook. When I noticed my mistake about the ”Noc in hic Mundo” article, the readers had already liked it several times. I didn’t want to take it off the Blog.

The war in Ukraine was an article I was forced to publish despite my need for a break.

So as I said, I am taking a break from WordPress.com. However, I upload articles to my Multilingual Notebook, Muistikirja.

Yelling Rosan Muistikirja => https://yellingrosa.com/wordpress/

I thank you all my readers for now and meet you later on here at Yelling Rosan Blogi.


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Shelves; ПОЛИЦІ

01a INFO


Stores close early.
The man walks
For the open door.
He finds it and is happy.
There is still food in the shops.
What if the war drags on?
Doors are still open.
The shelves
Are empty.
© Yelling Rosa
15/4 –22

01e Kasvoja E004 SG


Магазини закриваються рано.
Чоловік ходить
Для відкритих дверей.
Він знаходить і щасливий.
У магазинах ще є продукти.
А якщо війна затягнеться?
Двері ще відкриті.
© Yelling Rosa

01e Kasvoja E004 SG03

I think Finland might be the next one in the teeth of the beast. It has happened before and might be the case again. The reader can imagine the man of the poem as someone who walks in Kyiv or, if the worst comes for us, here in Finland.

I apologizes for my potential errors in the Ukrainian poem version.

You can comment on each article for ten days after it is published.

The Winter War
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Winter War,[F 6] also known as the First Soviet-Finnish War, was a war between the Soviet Union and Finland. The war began with a Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939, three months after the outbreak of World War II, and ended three and a half months later with the Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940.
Read more about The Winter War.

Hunting So-called Nazis Again

A Soviet propaganda postcard from 1940 saying ”the fascist dog growls” in reference to the Finnish White Guard (Шюцкор), the paramilitary forces that had a role in defeating the socialist Reds during the Finnish Civil War. Picture from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In Ukraine, Russians are hunting nazis in 2022, and they did the same thing in Finland in 1939. Nihil sub sole novum.

Here is my video Food May Run Out in Europe

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Non in hoc mundo

Non in hoc mundo

Alicubi in mundo felicitas mea est,
sed non in hoc mundo.
Incubus est hic mundus,
qui clementiam edendo vivit.
© Yelling Rosa

14H Non in hoc mundo 210322 E003 SG

alicubi somewhere jossakin/jossain päin
non no/not ei
in mundo in the world maailmassa
sed but mutta
in hoc mundo in this world tässä maailmassa
Incubus nightmare painajainen
est he/she/it is on
hic mundus this world tämä maailma
qui that/which joka
clementiam mildness, mercy, clemency hellyyttä
edendo by eating syömällä
vivit he/she/ it lives elää

Caeli Somnium © Yelling Rosa

01 Caeli somnium © Yelling Rosa 2022

caeli heaven’s taivaan
somnium dream, day-dream uni; unelma

More of my poems and drawings at http://yellingrosa.com/wordpress/

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WordPress.com Pause

I take a break from WordPress.com. However, I upload articles to my multilingual Notebook (Muistikirja)

Yelling Rosan Muistikirja


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My 14th WordPress Anniversary

I started Yelling Rosa Weblog 14 Years ago.
From the beginning of 2020, Yelling Rosa Weblog merged to this Yelling Rosan blogi (since 2010) where you are at the moment.

You can still read my Weblog posts. I keep Weblog on the internet so that all URL links work. I am using mainly English on my Weblog. I intended to use Finnish here on Yelling Rosan Blogi, but that hasn’t yet happened.

Please feel free to visit Yelling Rosa Weblog. Where I still have 5387 followers.

Metamorphosis is one of my poems on Weblog. This same poem in Finnish

Posted on November 1, 2014 by Yelling Rosa

tammi12-size-681x6813 © Yelling Rosa

From the water I burst out
And in the air vanished
Between these dimensions
The culture of the man
Was my star plan. 
© Yelling Rosa
1/11 –14

PS Here the man equals with the human.

Happy 14th Anniversary with WordPress.com


Thanks to all my readers who have given me the strength to keep my blog for 14 years.

My Future Here on WordPress.com

I continue here. But I believe that I will more often upload my posts to my Muistikirja (Notebook) in the future. WordPress.com is an interactive forum. When people read my blog is natural that I am reading others’ posts. This process is very time-consuming, particularly for me. I am not a native English speaker, so the reading and comments take a lot of my time. Muistikirja is a place where is no WordPress like buttons, and only comments are an interactive part of Muistikirja 🙂

If you are interested read more of my posts elsewhere, don’t hesitate to visit my Muistikirja http://yellingrosa.com/wordpress/.

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Bench in the Park; Benko en la parko

Bench in the Park

Our mother was
A bench in the park,
And we were trees.
Our mother was a bench
With the watering can,
And we had water
To grow up.
© 15/1 –22

01 Puistonpenkki © Yelling Rosa 2022


Nia patrino estis
benko en la la parko,
kaj ni estis arboj.
Nia patrino estis benko
kun la akvumilo,
kaj ni havis akvon
por plenkreski.
© Yelling Rosa
15/1 –22


Thou are funny like a kitten in the rain,
The animal with little paws
Dancing in the puddle.
That’s why I don’t trade thee
For anyone new.
© Yelling Rosa
15/1 –22

01 Playing in the puddle 250122 SG

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Tago por Virusoj; A Day for Viruses

All coincidences with real people and events are unintentional. These verses are just poetry, not documentaries. Please don’t take anything literally but metaphorical. I am not the same person as the narrator of the poems like the guitarist is not the tune that comes out from his guitar with the help of his fingers.

Tago por Virusoj

Kial ne tago por virusoj
ĉar ili estas kiel ni:
mortigante ĉiun vivanton
ili tuŝas.
© Yelling Rosa
6/1 –22

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
La Danco de Virusoj © Yelling Rosa 2022

A Day for Viruses

Why there is not a day for viruses
As they are like us:
Killing every living creature
They touch.
© Yelling Rosa
6/1 –22

20f01 Kasvot 271221 E009sg

Birdo en la Nesto

Birdo en la nesto
atendante la finon de
sia speco.
Homoj estas
jam proksime.
© Yelling Rosa
6/1 –22

A Bird in the Nest

A bird in the nest
Waiting for the end
Of its kind.
People are
Already close.
© Yelling Rosa
6/1 –22

You can enlarge these drawings by clicking on them with a cursor.

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A Finnish Christmas Carol and Free Christmas Card 2021

I have edited a digital vocal section for the Finnish Christmas song “Joulupuu on rakennettu” for this Christmas. I have used a paid plugin for that. The result, I think, sounds natural. Below is a YouTube video from which you can hear the outcome and watch the English translation.

The card below is free for private use.

02 Xmas 2021 SG

With this Xmas Carol and Cards, I want to thank all of my readers for being with me in 2021 and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2022.

Lumiukko 02f Lumiukko 02fLumiukko 02fLumiukko 02wLumiukko 02wLumiukko 02w

Xmas Greetings in other languages than English

in Finnish

03 Hyvää Joulua 2021

in Karelian (Livvi Dialect)

04 Ozakastu Rastavua 2021

in Karelian (Viena Dialect)

05 Hyvyä Roštuota 2021

in Russian

01 Счастливого Рождества

in Interlingua

Bon Natal 2021

Your Language
(Feel free to add your text to the card below)

Empty Xmas Card 2021

You can enlarge cards by clicking on them by the mouse cursor.

PS If you like the song, you probably want to send its link to your friends as a Xmas Greeting. The link is https://youtu.be/9U2PAY_hXfE

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She Wanted to Dance Naked

She Wants to Dance Naked

She wants to dress me warm and take me to the wet forest. She will place me to sit against a tree trunk. I get to watch her as she undresses and starts dancing. I do not know how I could enjoy that madness. But that’s what she wants now when the rain is touching the window. She says I can’t say no to her. So, we drive in the woods.

She has a massive bust, but her nipples are firm. I wonder if they are the thing she wants me to see. She is happy and forgets the whole world. It only exists for us, but I feel like an outsider in her hiding place. But after all, I have to smile at her presentation. She’s like a toddler. Maybe I’m her brother or her best friend. If as a brother, I start to worry about her health. It’s cold in the woods, and the rain is beating against her skin.

”We should go now,” I shout to her.

But she skips my call. So I had to invent something new that surprised her. If you give up now, I’ll sleep in the same bed with you. She stops and sits down next to me. She dresses. When we were in the car, she asked, are my tits so enchanting that you finally want to sleep with me.

”Exactly,” I reply. Even though I do not do women, I am silent. I’m sure she knows that too. It was just a brilliant prank. End of all, she is a beautiful woman who respects my company. Not many people go to the wet forest with a solo dancing woman.

After a long while, she says: ”We have a good time together.”

”Absolutely,” I reply.

© Yelling Rosa
29/10 –21

No men and women but humans

I wasn’t going to release anything in November, but I changed my mind. I’ve had to run into so much male hatred lately in Finland that this story has its time now. Moreover, I have not contended with my English. The attached story of Mary and me is true.

The Finnish experts in various fields have pondered the spread of male hatred among women in a few television shows. While they are right about many things, I don’t think they notice the essentials. Women are prisoners of their role because they incite this space. In this new situation, where women in the Western world are good at more freedoms, they should adapt to a new role. Change is always tricky and often easier to stay in the old ways. However, the lack of change creates dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction with one’s incompetence and incompetence is primarily the cause of male hatred. In practice, the way things have been before having nothing to do with the solutions here and now. No matter how oppressed a person has been in the past, he will not survive the end of the oppression by complaining about his previous destiny but by rolling up his sleeve and taking action. Mary doesn’t wonder if men are discriminating against women but dances naked in the company of her choice.

The programs mentioned above discussed the visible state of men in the modern world. Experts have found that women have raised men throughout history, and they think that they are controllable by women even when it is not suitable for them. The challenge for both sexes, I believe, is to find their own identity in a situation where it is theoretically free of gender roles in the sense that the part predetermines what kind of job a person is suitable for and whether they are working at home or outside. This new situation often leads to depression because the gendered experience leans on how men and women have lived so far.

Unfortunately, there are few people like Mary. Maybe their numbers will increase in the future so that boys and girls are dancing naked. Right now, however, I see the danger of drifting into an even worse mess. As women continue to hate men, men begin to hate women as well. The fact that women are more active in vocal hatred is also due to their gender role. After all, they have been a verbal party as families overcome the challenges of life for hundreds of thousands of years. The quality of their work has allowed for wide-ranging thinking, while men for example hunting mammoths or plowing fields, have been focused on the use of physical force. Hopefully, people will take their sanity by now and realize that they will be living outside their home caves in 2021. There shouldn’t be as strong women and men in this time as there now seem to be. There should only be people.

Once upon a time, when our son was a baby, I suggested to my wife that I stay home and she go back to work when she had a better income than me. It still happened so well that my wife’s business was in the same house as we had the apartment. Thus, she went on a breastfeeding break during her work, and after feeding, I continued as a mother. We based our solution on an awareness of the circumstances and how best to cope with them. The answer would not have been possible if we had started thinking about gender roles. Yet even though the solution was our joint decision, we received a lot of criticism. Both familiar and unfamiliar men and women criticized me. We didn’t give up. Let’s that’ll be your case too.


I agree that men hate more women than women hate men globally. But here I am speaking about women and men in the modern Western world, particularly in Finland. Here men and women are equal. Nowadays, many experts in Finland have started to talk about that women are discriminating against men. Luckily, many of these experts are women, so it is impossible to turn this truth into men’s propaganda.

Some Facts about the Finnish Society

The position of women in Finland has always been better than that of women in many other countries. Equal pay is passed by law in Finland, ie, you get the same pay for the same work. In our country, women are rising higher and higher in society. Thus, 95 of Finland’s 200 members of Parliament are women. Of the government ministers, 11 are women, and 7 are men. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, the two most important ministers, are women. There are no legal obstacles to women’s progress in Finland, and Parliament constantly registers equality laws. In 2017, 53.4 percent of Finnish university students were women. 56.5% of those starting university studies last year were women and 58.1% had a university degree. In 2016, 77.7% of principals and teachers in Finnish schools were women. Indeed, schools have been one place where discrimination against boys has occurred.

Fortunately, female educators have dealt with these abuses where men are. Of course, taking this phenomenon may seem pointless because there is discrimination against women globally. Still, problems are easiest to fix when they haven’t grown too big. Now, when it comes to talking about these issues, we come across a claim to the globally vulnerable position of women. However, in my view, it does not give any right to discriminate against boys.

Of course, most women in Finland act in an objective way, but injustice is injustice, even if it only happens to one person. I think people should see this situation as a positive challenge. At least in Finland, people are starting to get closer to the moment where the society of men is becoming a society for people. It does not succeed by relying on old abuses. Today’s young Finnish women nor men are to blame for what happened to women before they were born. So it would help if you left the table clean. The figures are from documents of the Finnish government and the Ministry of Education. On behalf of the people, for both men and women.

I hope these facts tell everybody that my country’s situation is different from many other countries. Here, the position of women has improved to the point that they can commit the same wrongs as men in high places.

On behalf of the people, for both men and women.

Yelling Rosa

00 Marin 01 Final

This picture above and links here:

Goverment Programme:

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Silmittömät; The Eyeless Ones

01c Silmittomat ihmiset 121021 SG


eivät näe,
kun joku tekee
taiten silmillään,
ajattelee sydämellään.
He pysyttävät vain
© Yelling Rosa
14/10 –21

07BB03 Seitti 071021 E001x SG


Don’t see
When someone does
With the own eyes,
Thinks with the heart.
They can only touch
And feel themselves.
© Yelling Rosa
14/10 –21

In the Finnish language, the word ”silmitön” means that someone doesn’t have eyes. Still, it also means the über –behavior; thus someone can be ”silmittömän raivon vallassa” => (to be) in a violent rage or ”pako oli silmitön” => It was the headlong flight, etc. The eyeless human being (silmitön ihminen) is out of control and usually thinks his own best.

PS You can enlarge the first drawing, The Eyeless, by clicking on it. The second drawing is called Gossamer.

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Not Judge, Älä tuomitse

Kasvot 120921 E008e Large 140921 2207 09l SG
Above “The Face” by Yelling Rosa on 12 September 2021.
Don’t judge a living creature by his face or sex.

01 Anthologia Litterari Etukansi

Le eremita

Le anciano vive in su eremiteria
felice e sin ulle desiderio,
como un solidari cenobita
que sin attaccamento o nostalgia
transversa le grande mysterio
que es caper le secretos del vita.
© Carlos Soreto
Anthologia Litterari

The Hermit

The older woman lives in a hermitage
happy and without any desire,
like a solitary nun
without attachment or nostalgia
that transcends the great mysteries
to understand the secrets of life.
© Carlos Soreto
Translation from Interlingua by Yelling Rosa

When I translated Carlos Soreto’s poem Le eremita (The Hermit), I found it is almost impossible for an author to be objective. Many writers have said that they strive for objectivity by writing about things as they have happened. If the author achieved this for some strange reason, then the mere choice of subject is subjective.

Soreto speaks of the older woman in the poem, at least to some degree in a critical tone, that loneliness without great passions is avoidance of understanding life. Yet the choice of that old lady may be just what opens the door to the great secrets of life for her. Besides, she is not alone. Her solution gets support from a worthy group of philosophers and poets, and even religions.

Carlos, on the other hand, does nothing wrong. We, humans, are merchants of our thoughts. Already in kindergarten, we start looking for allies and try to avoid dissidents. This way of living is so in the backbone that it moves helplessly into art, and only a few poems or images avoid the guiding aspect. Finnish painter Juri Saarikoski once said on television that he tries to get the emotion on the paper before it turns into words.

Yuri certainly does not always succeed in his goal, but he has also grown in it because he knew how well to put on a project thesis. Salvatore Quasimodo’s poem ”And Suddenly It’s Evening” has achieved independence from artist-specific introductions or worldview marketing.


Jokainen yksin maan kämmenellä
auringonsäteen lävistämänä:
ja äkkiä on ilta.
© Salvatore Quasimodo
Translation from Italian by Yelling Rosa

Ed è subito sera

“Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra,
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed è subito sera.”
© Salvatore Quasimodo
(Salvatore Quasimodo 1901 – 1968)
This poem in English here.

Salvatore’s poem reveals the barrenness of being human. To eliminate that barrenness, we are willing to create theories and ideas and find supporters for them at work, home, and art. There is nothing wrong in itself, as long as the thing does not escape from the glove. History knows many great dramas when the idea has taken over the human mind and the world of thought.

Many of us certainly think that eliminating dissidents today is not possible. I am convinced that it certainly is. Today, for example, feminism has taken on very aggressive traits. Of course, totalitarian feminism would mean eliminating men, so that is practically entirely a rumba. Yet male hatred is to this day, and its existence is not suitable for anyone. All accusation causes sadness and grief to those found guilty. The prosecutor achieves a momentary empowerment feel, but sentencing doesn’t make anyone a better person.

Bible sentences are the way to God, but at the same time, they are practical guidelines. Matthew 7: 1 says: ”Judge not, that ye be not judged.” With this guideline, we keep advocating ideas where respecting the human being is the best way to trade ideas.

All the best to everyone, including even men
Yelling Rosa

A new poem, I Was Told, published on October 3, 2021 at
Yelling Yelling Rosa Poetry in English

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Kun ihminen syntyy,
Hän on tabula rasa.
Pian jo teini-iässä
On hän tabula plena,
Ja sisällön tulkitsemiseen
Tarvitaan lukuisia Ihmisiä.
© Yelling Rosa
10/9 –21



When a person is born,
He is a Tabula Rasa.
Soon as a teenager,
He is Tabula Plena,
And to interpret the content
Numerous people are needed.
© Yelling Rosa
10/9 –21



Nemo quam homo
potest esse tam
© Yelling Rosa
10/9 –21


No one but human
can be such a kissing
clever one.
© Yelling Rosa
10/9 –21

PS You can enlarge drawings by clicking on them.

Christmas Tree Song Vocal (Joulupuu on rakennettu)

I know there is still a long time to go before Christmas. However, I want to bring up this Christmas carol in good time. I live in the hope that someone would like to sing this song publicly or privately next Christmas. Now there is time for learning to sing this song if anyone chooses to do so.

Christmas Tree song (Joulupuu on rakennettu) is old Finnish folklore. It became a Christmas Carol in 1876 when Vicar Gustav Oskar Schöneman (1839-1894) wrote words for it. Children have always liked the song. They want to sing it while dancing around the Christmas tree.

I have translated the Finnish words of the Christmas tree into English. If you like the song, tell your friends too. There is a charge for the commercial use of the translation. Copyright matters are taken care of by Teosto Finland.

Instrumentation Yelling Rosa
Vocalization Lucy Emvoice One

Music sheets at http://www.yellingrosa.com/sheets01.htm

My YouTube Video Table on 5 September in 2021

Abbreviation Long Form Yes
Kappale Nimi Esittely Ladattu Country
01. Postrahavaita -jutturunoja osa 2 Esillä 23.1.2012
02. Postrahavaita -jutturunoja osa 3 Siirry 9.3.2012
03. Taustakuvan teko Gimpillä Siirry 20.4.2012
04. Oman viestin lisääminen korttipohjaan Gimpillä Siirry 27.5.2012
05. Suprusuu-balladi, musiikkiesitys Ei esittelyä 1.8.2012
06. Viestin lisääminen isänpäiväkorttiin PhotoScapella Ei esittelyä 1.9.2012
07. Neljä korttia arkille Photoscapessa Siirry 4.12.2012
08. Kortit -esittelyvideo Siirry 2.1.2013
09. Huuliharppuvideo Siirry 15.3.2013
10. Läpi näiden vuosien Siirry 23.4.2013
11. Ystävä voisitko kasvoni pyyhkiä Siirry 21.6.2013
12. Xmas Card Video in English Read more 4.12.2013
13. Hover, Hover Ladybug Read more 6.4.2014
14. Need in Concrete Read more 21.11.2014
15. Happy Valentine’s Day Fanfare Read more 6.2.2015
16. Vanhan miehen monologi Siirry 4.4.2015
17. Playing Shepherd Read more 1.7.2015
18. Runokirjan taitto, video 01 Siirry 30.9.2015
19. Runokirjan taitto, video 02 Siirry 1.10.2015
20. Paola legit linguam latinam Read more 21.10.2015
21. Ruusu laaksossa Read more 27.4.2016
22. Sinsy Read more 5.9.2017
23. Friheten i alla fall Read more 1.12.2017
24. My Affection Read more 26.4.2018
25. Le ruinate lamina Read more 23.7.2018
26. On My Own Path Read more 11.4.2019
27. Christmas Tree Read more 19.11.2019
28. On My Own Path Vocal Read more 25.4.2020
29. Christmas Tree Vocal Read more 5.9.2021

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Close My Eyes; Claude meo oculos

Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes
I see you better.
When I go up the hill
I don’t see you
at all.
© Yelling Rosa
9/10 –20

Close My Eyes © Yelling Rosa 2020

Claude meo oculos

Quando mi claude meo oculos,
mi vide te meliore.
Quando mi ascende in monte,
te minime vide.
© Yelling Rosa
9/10 –20

The father of this simplified Latin is the Italian mathematician Giuseppe Peano (1858 – 1932). Read more about him here and about language, Latino sine flexionehere.

Peano’s vocabulary at https://sites.google.com/site/latinosineflexio/-1915-vocabulario-pre

PS You can enlarge the drawing by clicking on it.

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Parvo catulo sedevi (in Latino Sine Flexione)

Parvo catulo sedevi super via pedestri
cum porrigeto pede. Id aspicevi directo
in meo oculos. Mi davi id pane.
Animali non gratia agevi, sed id vade
nunc post me.
© Yelling Rosa
5/6 –21

01e Elokuu 030821 E009
If you want to use this teapot and add your wishes around it, you’ll find it at the end of this article without my name. It is a special gift only for my readers.

Please notice that you can enlarge pictures by clicking on them.

parvo little, small
catto cat
sede sit from latin sedere = to sit;
sede + vi = sat => my imperfect
super on, upon, above, over
via pedestri pavement
porrige stretch out from latin porrigere = to strech out;
porrige + to => past participle
pede foot, paw
id it also accusative
aspice look at from latin aspicere = to catch sight of, look at
directo direct, straight
in in
meo my, mine
oculo eye
mi I my extra word
da give from latin dare = to give
pane bread
animali animal
non no, not
gratia age return thanks
sed but
vade go, to make one’s way, walk from latin vadere = to go, to make one’s way, to walk
nunc now
post after
me I, me Peano’s suggesting that me is both I and me. My word for I is mi.

Alone Again

You were born alone.
When you live, you make compromises.
Before you die, you are finally yourself,
Then you are alone again.
© Yelling Rosa
26/7 –21


This verse is not so pessimistic as truth. Of course, the social environment doesn’t chain all people as much as the others, but somewhat every time.

I Want to Go to the Tranquil Forest

I want to go to the tranquil forest
Where no man is making noise.
I am tired the majority accuse me
Of doing everything wrong.
I am easy prey to hunt
Because I am a member
Of the tiny minority
And don’t know
How to defend
© Yelling Rosa
5/7 –21

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Puro amore (in Latino Sine Flexione)

Meo puro amore remane
arcano re in aeterno.
Mi non pote revelare
id eam.
Ea ama alio viro
quam me.
© Yelling Rosa
13/6 –21


My Personal and Possessive Pronouns in Singular

Nominative Genitive Accusative
mi meo me
tu tuo te
ia, ea, id iao, eao, ios iam, eam, id

The Personal and Possessive Pronouns in Singular in Latino Sine Flexione

Read more about Latino Sine Flexione known also by name Peano’s Interlingua

Nominative Genitive Accusative
me meo me
te tuo te
illo, (illa) Feminine
may be used
suo. illo (illa)

The Personal and Possessive Pronouns in Singular in Latin

Nominative Genitive Accussative
ego meus me
tu tuus te
is, ea, id eius, eius, eius eum, eam, id

Steg fyller gatorna

En tiggare tittar på mig.
Och han säger, ge mig pengar.
Vilka pengar ska jag ge till dig.
Jag är en fattig kyrkråtta
”Jävlas du med mig?”
mannen frågar trotsigt.
”Jag har inte börjat än…
så se upp med din hatt
var dina pengar är”,
svarade jag
och gick
© Yelling Rosa


Steps Fill the Street

A beggar is looking at me.
And he says, ’give me money.
What money should I give you?
I’m a poor church rat.
”Are you fucking with me”?
The man asks defiantly.
”I have not started yet …
so watch out for your hat
where your money is ”,
I replied and went away.
© Yelling Rosa

Festo de Messe

Post pluvia luce sole calido
et cantu sona super monte,
quando vicanos canta saeve.
Nemo reconde vino,
nam homine habe congereto
© Yelling Rosa
3/6 –21

Peano’s Interlingua Vocabulario


-us | festa | fête | feast | Fest. || feria.


de | di, da | de |
of, from | von. ⊃ deduce, deporta, deriva, detrahe; deflue = flue ab alto ad imo; deambula = ambula; defini = pone fines; degusta = gusta; decompone = anti compone; decresce = anti cresce.


-is | messe | moisson |
= segete, grano secato. ⊂ met(e) -te.


POST post | dopo, poi, H. pues, P. pos | après, puis | after |
hinten. = retro, sequente, anti præ. ⊃ postscripto, postero, postumo. ⊂ E. ⊃ R. po, pos-.


-a | pioggia, H. lluvia, P. chuva | pluie |
rain | Regen.
⊂ plue.


LUCE lux | luce | lumière | light | Licht | H. P.
luz. ⊃ lumen, luna. ⊂ E. luc ⊃ A. light, D. Licht; G.
leuco = albo; R. luc’ = radio de luce.

  • -eo = da
    luce, splende, fulge.


sole sol |sun| v. sol.


calido -ĭdus | caldo | chaud | hot, calid | -lid, warm. = que cale ⊂ cal(e) -ido.


ET et | e | et | and |
und | H. y | P. e | R. i. ⊃ etcetera.


cantu -us | canto | chant |
chant, song, canto | Gesang, Cantus. = can(ta) -tu.


sona -o | sonare | sonner | to sound. = fac sono. ⊃ as—, con—, dis—, re—


SUPER super | supra, su | sur, dessus | on, upon, above, over | über. ⊂ E. ⊃ G. hyper, D. über, ober, A. over, S. upari.


MONTE mons | I. H. P. monte |
mont | mount | Berg. ⊃ (ultra)mont(ano),
(pro)mont(orio). ⊂ mine.


quando -do | I. P. quando, H.
cuando | quand | when | wann. = in quale tempore.


Me> vicanus, lat. = (chiefly in the plural)
villager, peasant
=> ablative = vicano


-o | -are | chanter | to chant,
to sing | singen. ⊂ cane 2. ⊃ canoro, cantu, cantico, accentu, incentivo, incanta, vaticinio.
⊂ E. ⊃ D. Hahn = gallo; A. hen, D. Henne = gallina.


-us = feroce, crudele. || A. sore = dolore, D. versehren = læde.

Me > lat. Adverb from saevus is saeve.


nemo (thema – nominativo) | niuno, nessuno | ne… personne | nobody, no one | niemand. = nullo homo. ⊂ ne homo.


Wiktionary: recondō
present infinitive recondere, perfect active recondidī,
supine reconditum); third conjugation

  1. I put

  2. I hide
    or conceal


VINO -um | I. H. vino, P. vinho
| vin | wine | Wein. = liquore ex uva, fructu de « vite »
|| G. œno.


NAM nam | poichè,
giacchè | car | for, because |
denn. = in vero, in facto.


homine homo -mĭn- | uomo | homme, on | man | Mensch, Mann | H. hombre | P. homem. ⊂ E. ghomo. = habitante de humo, terrestre, anti cæleste. ⊃ D. (Bräuti)gam = sponso.

Me > Here: a human being


HABE -eo | avere | avoir | to
have | haben | H. haber | P. haver. = tene, posside. ⊃ habitu,
habita, habile, debile, adhibe, cohibe, debe, exhibe, inhibe,
præbe, prohibe, redhibe. Origine commune de L. « habe
» et D. « haben » es controverso.


Wiktionary: congerō (present infinitive congerere, perfect active congessī, supine congestum); third conjugation

  1. I bring
    together; I
    collect or

  2. I compile

  3. I heap
    or lavish

    Me: Sine flexione past participle of congerere is
    congereto, cp. Ama|re => amato (loved)
    Peano’s Vocubalario is not complete


Wiktionary: annōna f (genitive annōnae); first declension

  1. yearly
    yearly income,
    annual output

  2. corn,
    grain; means
    of subsistence

  3. (metonymically)
    price of
    grain, or of
    some other food

  4. (figuratively)
    the prices,
    the market

  5. (military)

    Me > In sine flexione nouns are derived from the
    ablative of latin nouns.

Read more about Peano’s Latino sine flexione, known also by the name Peano’s Interlingua, https://acproil.github.io/pdf/grammatical-notes.pdf


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