Merry July to Everybody

I have heard that Finns are grave people who don’t know how to make fun, but let me show the other side of the coin.

The Merry July to Everybody looks like this:


The Funny Finnish Folk Song

Violinist Pekka Kuusisto brings his homeland to the Prinsengracht with the Finnish folk song ’Piupali Paupali, Piupali Paupali’, where everyone can sing along.

Violist Pekka Kuusisto brengt zijn thuisland naar de Prinsengracht met het Finse volksliedje ’Piupali Paupali, Piupali Paupali’, waarbij iedereen mag meezingen.

Piupali Paupali Music Sheet

Piupali Paupali Iso 02
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Hoedown feat J.Karjalainen & Dirk Powell – Piupali Paupali

And if you get wild, you can perform the song like this

J. Karjalainen sings the song.

My analysis of the song

If we look at our song a little more closely, I notice that it contains much more than what Pekka Kuusisto says in his introduction in Amsterdam. Of course, this is just my analysis. You might disagree with me.

In the first verse, someone asks the boys who these boys are, because that someone doesn’t know the young rascals. This someone is probably the Shoemaker’s wife because the official name of the song is ”Lullaby of the Shoemaker’s wife”. The Lullaby also refers to the evening or night. That piupali paupali could indicate that the boys are in a festive mood.

In another verse, it is clear that the boys have come to pick up their shoes. Since I assume they’re in a festive mood, they might be looking for their dance shoes. Isn’t very reassuring that the Shoemaker has gone to the village all week to sew (verse 3). Why has Shoemaker gone to the town from his study? This absence may tell that it is a market season.

The information in the fourth verse tells that the Shoemaker will not return until next week and that the boys may then come to pick up the shoes increase boys’ frustration.

However, they don’t forget to leave greetings to the Miina girl, who could be a daughter of a shoemaker who has gone to help her father to knit (verse 5).

The boys leave the house irritated and drunk, because why would someone (maybe the hostess) otherwise have told them not to pour the milk churn in the hallway when they are marching out of the house. Not in a normal situation would anyone even manage to pour churn. They are not in the middle of the hallway (verse 6).

However, the joyful tone of the narrative shows an understanding of their festive mood and disappointment.

Tornio 2/7 -20

Suutarin emännän kehtolaulu

The Lyllaby of the Shoemaker’s Wife

Finnish Folk Song lyrics and melody
Keitä te oottee the nuoret pojat,

kun en mä tunne teitä,

piupali paupali, piupali, paupali,

kun en mä tunne teitä.

Who are you, young boys,

when I can’t tell you.

piupali paupali, piupali, paupali,

when I can’t tell you.

Ootteko tulleet, ootteko tulleet

kenkiänne hakemahan,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali,

kenkiänne hakemahan.

Have you come, have you come

pick up your shoes,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali,

pick up your shoes.

Suutari on mennyt koko viikoksi

kylälle neulomahan,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali,

kylälle neulomahan.

Shoemaker has gone all week

to the village knitting shoes,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali,

to the village knitting shoes.

Tulkaa sitten ensi viikolla

kenkiänne hakemahan,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali

kenkiänne hakemahan.

Please come next week

to get your shoes on,

paupali paupali, piupali paupali

to get your shoes on

Hyvästi, hyvästi, hyvästi, hyvästi,

Miinalle terveisiä,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali,

Miinalle terveisiä.

Goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye

Greetings to Miina,

piupali paupali, piupali paupali,

Greetings to Miina.

Älkää kaatako maitohinkkiä

eteisessä mennessänne,

piupali paupali piupali paupali,

eteisessä mennessänne.

Do not pour the milk churn

in the hallway when you go out,

Piupali paupali piupali paupali

in the hallway when you go out.

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  1. THIS IS ALL SO WONDERFUL! I LOVE Your artwork, and both the videos! What a wonderful song! You just gifted us all sooooo much joy! Merry July indeed! Thank You, Yelling Rosa! Cheers!!! 😃❤️🥂

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