When I Was

When I was a little boy, I liked to sit in the forest
And looking at how the wind lulled the leaves,
And grass and my reddish hair.
Soon I was sure that all living things breathed
in the same beat, and most of the times,
The harmony rules all beings of the earth.
I told my parents about this happiness
But they weren’t happy.
They worried that the child
isn’t healthy.
At the age of ten, I stood on the bus platform
And we watched how to thick smoke came
From the tailpipes of the vehicles.
I asked my friend would all that gas
Disappear in the air.
He laughed at me:
Of course, it will vanish.
His attitude insults me
And I added angrily:
If it didn’t, there should be
The hole in the sky
For it to go away,
But that whole
Is not possible,
Cause the air
Would die away.
On the sixth grade
I said to my teacher
Who looked down on her
Nose the animal kingdom,
That animals have feelings
And they even think.
The teacher of the biology
Commanded me out of the class:
”You are disturbing the lesson.”
When I was at my middle ages
They started globalization.
I realized right away that it wouldn’t
Work in the long run,
But people considered
Me to be a pessimist.
Just now I see
How the virus cor20 and more
Is behind the corner, but nobody cares.
They are sure that everything is back normal
After some months or so.
The world doesn’t need any extra cautions.

I have been in two minds about publishing this poem. I know that people won’t believe anything in time, but the reason for this poem can be elsewhere. I let you decide what it might be. I deny the comments this time because I have no patience to listen to how it wouldn’t be time for U-turn to save humankind.

Always when someone is talking about the U-turn, the message is argued against by saying that humankind can’t go backward. For them, I reply that how many milliards years it is backward when the globe is not surrounded by decent oxygen.


U-turn 30.3.20


Wake people up from Princess Aurora’s sleep. If we don’t stop globalization, the next time we run out of food, if not this time. Each country must have its national medical equipment and food production in the event of global crises.


Humanos evelia su ab le somno del princessa Aurora. Si nos non stoppa globalisation, le vice proxime nostre alimento finira. Omne pais debe haber le proprie national medical equipamento e nutrimento production in caso del crises global.


Tornio-kollaasi 2013 © Yelling Rosa Smaller
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In le photo collage es mi citate parve, Tornio.



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