I publish this blog post concerning your blog article where you criticized those Finnish people who demonstrated against the uncontrolled immigration to Finland. Elsewhere Mark Levengood named those people as idiots who should be indebted to Sweden because you gave a shelter for 70.000 Finnish children during the Second World War. Your article as Levengood’s comment tells us that your attitude towards Finns is arrogant. You both are lifting yourself in heights and lowering us so down that your words come very close to racism.

There is nothing so cheap than put the blame on other people. Finland doesn’t owe Sweden anything even you have taken more immigrants than we have because you have had more money than us who have protected you from Russian hundreds of years. You have been able to make money in peace behind our shoulder more than a hundred year. If you really had wanted to help us during the last war you would have brought your army here instead of taking some of our children there. No, you didn’t do that but you stayed out of the war and gave Nazis metals for bombs which sowed death in European countries. How many children died only in London because of your ore?

Well, now I have hit you under the belt as you did us on your blog post last Saturday. So perhaps we can talk about this situation. I hope that you could take your brains into your hand and concentrate on this immigration issue as it is. Even you can’t take endlessly immigrants in Sweden so it was much wiser to think how this restlessness could be stopped. In order to do so we have to ask why people leave their homeland. Answer is very simple: they are exiled or they are looking for better life. My point of view is that the globalism is making things wrong. There are only a handful of people who transfer their factories always to the countries where the labor is cheapest. Unfortunately, some countries are ready to use very inhuman methods in order to make workers work almost without any wage. These coercive means make some people restless.

If you are really concern of refugees and want to make this world better place to live you do everything to make democracy come true. It is the only principle that can guarantee better living for all of us. When you ask for power to the people you will have much more powerful opponent than common men from the Finnish border. I remind you also that power to the people is not a party political issue so you can’t hide yourself behind bourgeois ideas. In the long run even the richest people in the world will gain from democracy. When the world settle down we can concentrate also on the other problems than immigration.

Let’s pull together and we will receive something


Tietoja Yelling Rosa

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